2018 Acquiring Trends Research Report

New findings from ControlScan and MAC track the acquirer’s perspective on level 4 merchant PCI compliance

February 22, 2018

White Paper

PCI Compliance Programs:
Success (and Failure) is in the Details

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Today more than 95% of acquirers and other risk-bearing payments entities have formal programs in place to guide their merchants through the PCI compliance process. The goal of these programs is to reduce risk by making merchants aware of, and responsive to, their obligations under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

ControlScan and the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC) recently conducted our 2018 Acquiring Trends Survey to find out what is and is not working with acquirers’ PCI compliance programs. More specifically, this annual survey benchmarks important trends in how processors, acquirers, ISOs and payment facilitators are structuring PCI programs for reduced business risk.

What does it take to get your merchants PCI compliant, and keep them there?

Download your free copy of The Acquirer’s Perspective on Level 4 Merchant PCI Compliance and you'll learn:

2018 Acquirer's Study
  • The key factors preventing higher portfolio compliance rates;
  • Changes in “carrot and stick” methods over time, and what’s working today;
  • How ISV partnerships are being leveraged to streamline the compliance process and reduce merchant attrition; and
  • Trends that are signaling what the future could hold for PCI compliance.

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