2020 Acquiring Trends Research Report

The strategies and tactics today's merchant service providers are using to boost PCI compliance rates.

March 2, 2020

White Paper

The Anatomy of Successful Merchant PCI Compliance Programs: Findings from the ControlScan/MAC 2020 Acquiring Trends Survey

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What makes a successful PCI compliance program? For acquirers and other merchant service providers, the short answer is frequent merchant communications with corresponding action (i.e., compliance) on the merchant’s part. However, getting merchants to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is more strategic than simply sending out messages about compliance.

The goal of these programs is to reduce risk by making merchants aware of, and responsive to, their obligations under the PCI DSS. Over time, individual acquirers modify their strategies and tactics for reaching this goal based on what is and isn’t working to raise merchant compliance rates.

At any given time, many program facets are working in tandem in the hopes of producing success. It’s a tricky combination that varies by acquirer, based on their unique—and often evolving—business processes, risk models and portfolio dynamics. Even so, a lot can be learned by aggregating acquirers’ and other merchant service providers’ feedback on these program facets.

Where are merchant service providers' efforts paying off?

The ControlScan/MAC 2020 Acquiring Trends Report reveals current PCI program successes and challenges to give payment processors, acquirers, ISOs and other merchant service providers insights that can help shape their future efforts:

2020 Study
  • Why keeping merchants compliant is a continuing challenge, and what you can do about it;
  • How to use non-compliance fees to your organization's advantage;
  • Which technologies are driving higher merchant PCI compliance rates; and
  • Where to place your compliance partner's focus in the coming year.

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