5 Spooky Things Uncovered During a Security Audit

Webinar • October 20, 2020 • Duration: 33 minutes

5 Spooky Things Uncovered During a Security Audit

ControlScan security consultants sometimes find spooky things when they examine clients’ IT networks. We’ve got stories that are mysterious, creepy, chilling, and downright weird! What they all have in common, however, is that they can happen to any company.

Download and watch this webinar to hear ControlScan information security consultant Stacey Oneal share stories from her experiences in the field.

In addition to hearing entertaining stories, you will learn:

  • Which key vulnerabilities can appear in any company’s network
  • What to look for in your own security risk assessments
  • Ways to prepare your business for today’s data security threats

Webinar Speakers

Stacey OnealStacey Holleran

Stacey Oneal

Security Consultant

Stacey Holleran

Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

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