Lessons from an Ethical Hacker: 5 Basic Steps to Prevent Your Next Data Breach

Webinar • October 18, 2016 • Duration: 41 minutes

Stop leaving the door open to attackers.

Learn how implementing CIS Critical Security Controls can help prevent data breach.

The ControlScan Technical Testing team conducts security penetration tests on a variety of client networks and web applications. Their experience points to a short list of failings that enable them to compromise their targets in 80% of all tests.

During this webinar, Dante LoScalzo, manager of the ControlScan Technical Testing team, provides real-world examples of the "open doors" that IT teams are providing to cyber attackers and then maps them to CIS Critical Security Controls that every company should have in place.

Download this webinar to:

  • Hear specific examples of basic weaknesses in most customer environments and how cyber criminals exploit them to gain access;
  • Understand what the CIS Critical Security Controls are, and how putting some of the basic controls in place strengthens your security; and
  • Learn how to leverage Technical Testing to more thoroughly vet your IT defenses and prevent data breach.

Webinar Speaker


Dante LoScalzo
Sr. Manager, Security Consulting


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