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Building your business means everything to you.
Protecting it means everything to us.

New and ever-changing security threats have become daily news. Most businesses simply can’t afford around-the-clock monitoring to stay ahead of cyber thieves, hackers and malware. But a breach can cost everything—your reputation, your customers’ trust, your very livelihood.

Rest easy. We’ve got your back.

Trusted by more than 1.1 million companies around the world, the ControlScan difference is a unified approach to managed security and compliance services, with a human face.

Data security is a serious business that changes every single day. Our elite experts are trained to stay ahead of the next threat, continually upgrading and assuring your protection, so you can focus on building your business.

Holistic, active, layered and customized, your managed security solution from ControlScan is a wall of protection around your network, data, applications and devices that simplifies compliance and surrounds your business with total confidence.

Surround Your Business with Confidence.

As a managed security service provider, we stand guard against cybercrime while you focus on building your business. Taking a stand for security shows your customers—and potential attackers—that you’re serious about protecting your business. It also makes achieving and maintaining compliance much simpler!

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