We are ControlScan.

Our customers say we're a bit "different." And we like that.

What makes ControlScan different?

Let us tell you... Then let us show you.

Your business has a lot of data to protect, yet you've likely noticed it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so:

  • Cyber criminals and their tools are highly sophisticated and well supported;
  • Organizational IT networks are extending to encompass an increased number and variety of endpoints;
  • Security technologies are costly and complex, making them difficult to vet, implement, and maintain; and
  • Compliance requirements are painful to interpret and apply, let alone keep up with.

We're focused on your success.

We believe that every business should have the means to protect itself and its customers from being victimized by cyber criminals. Therefore, our mission is to let nothing block your organization's path to a strong security posture. Not budgetary restrictions, not a lack of expertise, and not human resource constraints.

We are your Managed Security Service Provider. Our team becomes your team, enabling your business to predict, protect and defend against the latest security threats. What's more, every technology, service and piece of advice we deliver promotes authentic compliance with the latest security and privacy standards—like PCI and HIPAA.

97% of surveyed IT organizations said ControlScan gives them greater access to top-tier technology than competing Managed Security Service Providers.

Source: 2017 ControlScan customer survey

We're in it for the long haul.

Cyber criminals aren't going away, and neither are we. Securing businesses since 2005, ControlScan is constantly innovating to offer cost-effective solutions that successfully meet the challenges of an evolving threat landscape. We’ll be with you now and scale with you as your business grows.