IT Security Consultants and PCI QSAs

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Our experts are here to make your life easier.

When complex security and compliance situations arise, you can count on ControlScan Security Consulting Services to have your back. Our professionals take the guesswork out of security and compliance, making your life easier and raising your organization’s security posture.

ControlScan is a certified Level 1 Compliant PCI-DSS Service Provider and a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA) Company for the United States and Canada. We also have Certified Ethical Hackers and experienced Penetration Testers on hand for social engineering and penetration testing engagements.

Our security consultants are not only versed in the PCI DSS, but many other compliance standards as well, including ISO 27001, HIPAA and other healthcare security standards, and more.

Two teams, one mission.

ControlScan Security Consulting Services is ready to meet your organization’s unique security and compliance needs. Two dedicated teams support a unified mission to deliver the highest quality services on time and on budget.

  • Risk and Compliance Management (RCM) – This team includes our professionals with the PCI QSA designation as well as other credentials for healthcare compliance, general security advisory and IT risk assessments.
  • Proactive Attack Simulation Services (PASS) – Our team of white hats knows just what to look for in their penetration testing and social engineering engagements. They will apply best practices to ensure no potential vulnerability is left unexplored.

Satisfy compliance requirements, test secure environments, build cyber resilience.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy PCI requirements like penetration testing and compliance attestation; test the security of environments and applications; or go above and beyond to build cybersecurity resilience, we’ve got the people to help make it happen.

Explore our services below or give us a call at 800.825.3301, ext. 2 to get started now.

PCI Security Consulting Services

Senior security consultants are ready to help your business achieve ongoing, authentic PCI compliance. We will work with you every step of the way to both simplify and reinforce your technologies and processes. Want to achieve Level 1 PCI Compliance (i.e., a RoC)? We do that too!

HIPAA Security Consulting Services

Our healthcare security experts will provide an in-depth analysis of where you stand with regard to HIPAA compliance. Certified experts conduct risk assessments and advisory to help you understand how your organization stacks up to the standard.

Security Testing Services

White hat hackers are good guys looking for ways the bad guys can infiltrate your systems and data repositories. Our highly-credentialed security testers will work with you to identify and remove data security vulnerabilities. Services include IT risk assessments, web application security testing and more.

Expert Insights

As if their day jobs aren’t enough, our security consultants regularly contribute to the ControlScan blog, offering free advice on everything from the latest security technologies to tightening your security and compliance processes. Our consultants are also available to advise on your specific security issues while “on the clock.”