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ControlScan Introduces Broadened Security Awareness Training Service for the SMB

All-new content and reporting capabilities stimulate secure, compliant behavior

ATLANTA, Jan. 28, 2015 – ControlScan, a leading provider of unified security and compliance solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today that it has significantly enhanced its Security Awareness Training service. Boasting an expanded course catalog, tiered educational content and a Learning Management System (LMS) administrative panel with advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, the company's broadened Security Awareness Training service is specially designed to stimulate secure, compliant behavior at all levels of the SMB organization.

ControlScan Security Awareness Training addresses one of the most critical areas of vulnerability in any business—its workforce—by educating employees about the importance of protecting sensitive data. A recent Monte Carlo analysis by Aberdeen Group found that when an organization adopts Security Awareness Training, the corresponding shift in employee behavior reduces that organization's security-related risk by as much as 60%.

"Instances of social engineering are at an all-time high and the vast majority of today's malware requires human interaction in order to successfully bypass automated threat detection systems," said Jyothish Varma, senior director of security product strategy, ControlScan. "Therefore, Security Awareness Training is an essential component of any SMB's security and compliance efforts."

Structured to improve security while satisfying the compliance requirements of standards like PCI and HIPAA, ControlScan Security Awareness Training:

  • Gives employers an easy-access, web-based solution that can be customized with their logo and brand colors;
  • Offers a variety of courses to fit specific employee roles and business models;
  • Increases employee awareness to defend against malicious actors;
  • Measures individuals' attendance, training completion and testing scores; and
  • Helps employees understand their role in securing cardholder data, protected health information and other sensitive consumer data.

ControlScan Security Awareness Training is available now. To learn more, visit or call 800-825-3301.

About ControlScan
Headquartered in Atlanta, ControlScan delivers unified security and compliance solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses secure sensitive data and comply with information security and privacy standards. We support business owners, franchisees and merchant service providers with technology, services and expertise for PCI DSS, HIPAA and EI3PA compliance; vulnerability detection and risk mitigation; POS, e-commerce and mobile security; and more. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-825-3301.