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ConvergenceHealth Technology Platform Secures Payment Data with Fully-Integrated ControlScan Hosted Payment Solution

Secure online payment technology supports ecommerce within large-scale health and wellness programs

ORLANDO, Fla., May 21, 2013 - CNP Expo, Booth #314 - For enterprise class technology developers, seamlessly incorporating secure online payment functionality can be difficult at best, said representatives from ControlScan at this week's CNP Expo. According to the payment security and compliance solution provider, limitations can include unfamiliar or incompatible development tools, an inability to modify the interface for a specific brand or design, and a general lack of control over the payment workflow. Also mentioned were payment card industry requirements for properly securing cardholder data and related ecommerce transactions, which can present ongoing business hurdles.

ConvergenceHealth, a global technology solutions company and leading developer of enterprise-scale population health improvement systems, has partnered with ControlScan to fully integrate secure online payment functionality within its digital and cloud-based healthcare products and services.

"Our clients use our systems and our technologies within their own branded initiatives to reach millions of employees and individuals and engage them in a real and deepening commitment to healthier living," said Jeff Aaron, ConvergenceHealth CEO. "ControlScan's hosted payment solution is a perfect fit for our business and technology development model; it helps us create the seamless and secure online payment experience we and our clients demand, without weighing down our established processes."

The ControlScan hosted payment solution benefits ConvergenceHealth in many ways, beginning with its ability to take the company's system out of scope for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), by securely handling payment card data outside the application environment. In addition, ConvergenceHealth developers retain control of the payment workflow, allowing them to specify how the application interfaces with the online customer. Full compatibility with its native development environment (via standard Web technologies) also minimizes the "start to go-live" integration timeframe; for ConvergenceHealth, total integration time was less than two weeks.

"Our technology partnership with ConvergenceHealth represents the future of online customer interaction and ecommerce offerings," said Kevin Lee, president, Hosted Payment Solutions, ControlScan. "Leading organizations of all sizes and across all industries will expect the highly customized—yet seamless and secure—experience this type of partnership delivers."

Ecommerce merchants, payment service providers and online technology developers attending the 2013 CNP Expo can learn more about ControlScan's secure hosted payment solutions at booth 314. CNP Expo participants are also encouraged to attend the May 22nd panel discussion "A Necessary Evil: Strategies for reducing your PCI scope," during which Lee will share his insights on PCI scope reduction in ecommerce.

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