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Merchant e-Solutions Selects ControlScan for Data Security and Compliance Partnership

More than 30,000 SMBs already benefitting from cloud-based solutions and high-touch support services

ATLANTA, Feb. 16, 2015 – ControlScan, a leading provider of unified security and compliance solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today that it has completed the launch of its all-new partnership with Merchant e-Solutions (MeS). MeS chose ControlScan in November to implement a security and compliance program for merchants, and today more than 30,000 of the SMBs MeS services have access to signature support as well as a host of cloud-based solutions for securing sensitive customer information and simplifying the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance process.

"ControlScan offers our customers one source for all their PCI compliance needs," said Richard Parrott, senior vice president of Risk and Underwriting, Merchant e-Solutions. "Their comprehensive program features—from SAQ forms to vulnerability scans to financial breach protection services—are backed by a helpful customer support team that helps merchants easily navigate the PCI compliance validation process."

"MeS is dedicated to helping merchants achieve authentic compliance, which unites security measures with the compliance requirements they are intended to address," said Joan Herbig, CEO, ControlScan. "Our partnership includes a myriad of offerings, giving each MeS merchant the flexibility to make the best decisions for securing their business and complying with the PCI DSS."

Specifically, the SmartSolutions affiliate partnership enables MeS and ControlScan to seamlessly deliver technology, support, scanning and assessment services that save SMBs time, money and frustration. Merchants are expertly guided through a step-by-step process that fits their unique business processes and the way they work with sensitive customer information such as payment data. Merchants are incentivized to remain with MeS, because with each passing year their compliance process becomes increasingly simplified.

For more information on partnering with ControlScan to reduce business risk and simplify merchants' data security and compliance processes, visit or call 800-825-3301.

About Merchant e-Solutions
Merchant e-Solutions offers end-to-end payment solutions and is one of the fastest growing e-Commerce companies in the card processing industry. As a tier one acquirer, MeS processes over $14 billion worth of credit card transactions annually for more than 70,000 merchants in partnership with over 250 banks and partners. The company is based in Redwood City, California.

About ControlScan
Headquartered in Atlanta, ControlScan delivers unified security and compliance solutions that help small and mid-sized businesses secure sensitive data and comply with information security and privacy standards. We support business owners, franchisees and merchant service providers with technology, services and expertise for PCI DSS, HIPAA and EI3PA compliance; vulnerability detection and risk mitigation; POS, e-commerce and mobile security; and more. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-825-3301.