The Merchant Acquirer’s Perspective on Level 4 PCI Compliance

Webinar • March 23, 2014 • Duration: 38 Minutes

Learn how to manage a PCI program that successfully engages Level 4 merchants.

During this webinar, we investigate the common payment security practices and their effectiveness.

In 2014, ControlScan and Merchant Acquirers' Committee (MAC) surveyed merchant acquirers on their attitudes and objectives surrounding their Level 4 merchant PCI compliance programs.

ISOs, acquirers and other merchant service providers utilize the PCI DSS to protect the merchants they serve and shield themselves from business risk. But how do they successfully engage their Level 4 merchants in the PCI compliance process? And how do they manage a PCI program that also brings value to their business? Download the webinar replay now to learn more.

Webinar Speakers

Heather Foster
Vice President, Marketing


Susan Matt

Uncover payment security practices.

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