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August 28, 2017Published by

These days many organizations do not feel confident about their ability prevent a data breach, mainly because they feel they can’t trust the humans working for them. And for good reason! Cyber criminals continue to exploit the human element, which was blamed for over 400 reported data breaches and 7.6 million+ compromised records in 2016.Regardless of whether the employee is knowingly part of a malicious effort, or is inadvertently involved in allowing an intrusion or other form of unintended disclosure, a breach of valuable data is not what you want to have happen. Therefore, you must minimize the human impact.


November 15, 2016Published by

Third party relationships make your life easier in a multitude of ways, from streamlining processes, to providing additional human resources, to ensuring operational efficiency. Unfortunately, these relationships also introduce increased business risk related to data security and compliance.If one or more of your third party vendors doesn’t maintain a strong security posture and is consequently compromised, your business could very well end up sharing the burden of recovery. Read this ControlScan blog post for three steps you can take to lessen your business’s third party risk.


December 2, 2014Published by

Last week, featured a great piece by Electronic Transactions Association CEO Jason Oxman. “A Cybersecurity Checklist for Online Retailers” lists important steps online startups and small businesses can take to protect sensitive data. As the U.S. migrates to EMV (i.e., chip cards), it is expected that fraud activity in the world of ecommerce will increase significantly.


October 22, 2014Published by

The small- to medium-sized business owners I talk with are often surprised to learn that ControlScan hears from everyday consumers on a regular basis. The questions we are asked share a common theme: I’m worried that this business is not properly securing my personal information.


October 21, 2014Published by

According to independent research by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), 259 Medical/Healthcare facilities experienced a data breach event between January 1 and October 14 of this year. That is a staggering number, given that ITRC reported a total of 28 events for the entirety of 2013.


October 20, 2014Published by

Lately it seems we’ve been operating in a world of “another week, another breach.” The constant bombardment of news featuring our favorite brands getting hacked typically creates one of two reactions: “Yeah, but I’m a little shop, so that can’t happen to me” or “I might as well not bother trying to prevent the inevitable.”

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