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May 13, 2020Published by

Individuals in the security industry often comment that the foundation of any company’s security program is its policy and procedures. I am not saying they are incorrect; however, I do not believe they see the big picture. Policy and procedures look to address risk, but they do not define it. Therefore, the foundation of any security program is formed by the activities around risk identification.


March 25, 2020Published by

Today’s news cycle is all about the impact that coronavirus/COVID-19 has been having within the world’s economy and health and welfare of most all individuals. I am sure you are prepared to handle the loss of a server or recover lost data, but what about your staff? Does your business continuity planning include the loss of people as part of your operational resources? If not, it should!


November 15, 2018Published by

Security automation is a hot topic these days, mainly because it’s become humanly impossible to keep up with the sheer volume and variance of cyber threats hitting organizational IT networks at any given time. Even with the best security defenses in place, sooner or later an attacker is going to get through. The goal, of course, is to discover the attack and mitigate it as quickly as possible—and that’s where security automation can be extremely valuable.

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