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December 3, 2015Published by

Simply relying on your cloud service provider’s security measures is not enough. Most only manage security for the physical aspects of their own environment. As a cloud user, you are still responsible for protecting your (and your customers’) proprietary data as it flows through these virtual servers. That’s where security-and-compliance-as-a-service comes in. This post and the accompanying video give you more information about this emerging service model.


November 25, 2015Published by

Social engineers play to people’s wants and needs, focusing on the mental triggers that can make a person do something. Learn what you can do to combat it.


June 25, 2015Published by

Last week’s news that the popular password manager LastPass had been breached sent many of its users into a panic, rushing to change their “master passwords.” The reality of the situation is, however, that the stolen master password data was well hashed, making it essentially useless to those on the outside. So there’s absolutely no worry then, right? Wrong.

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