3 Ways to Quickly Spot IT Security Gaps

Attackers exploit the security gaps within our expanding IT environments.

May 1, 2016 • Published by

Is anyone else worried?

At a recent security industry event I heard an SVP from Symantec talk about results from their latest study of attack activity. They saw attack volumes drop off significantly on the weekends and holidays, indicating that these attackers are operating as 9-to-5 businesses. What's more, Symantec found that cyber criminals are establishing economic ecosystems where data is stolen and then bought and sold in market places.

The environment for conducting business is becoming increasingly hostile as attackers exploit the security gaps within our expanding IT environments. In essence, the speed at which business technologies are advancing is outpacing our ability to ensure the security of critical assets—primarily sensitive data.

Mind the Gaps!

The reality of today's cyber threat environment should motivate businesses to establish ongoing resources and processes for identifying IT security gaps. The following are three ways your business can quickly spot these gaps.

  1. Eyes on Security — A common phrase you’ll hear these days is security as part of “business as usual.” It requires a level of resourcing that ensures someone is monitoring the environment to pick up on suspicious activities in a timely manner.
  2. Access to Expertise — Cyber criminals are adept at modifying their tools and tactics. Every business needs access to security expertise so they too can evolve. This type of expertise is also critical when it’s time to actually assess and respond to a security incident.
  3. Inherent Adaptability — It's inevitable that your IT environment will grow and change to support your business. Adaptable security solutions facilitate rapid response in the face of new threats and internal changes.

Want some more tips for spotting security gaps in your IT environment?

Check out the presentation "Mind the Gaps: Leveraging Security as a Service to Gain Cyber Advantage" below.

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