Android Vulnerability Alert: Stagefright

September 15, 2015 • Published by

In the brave new world of BYOD, organizations should alert their Android users to the following:

A security vulnerability called Stagefright, which was first discovered several months ago, has a new variant that is being seen in the wild. Stagefright allows an attacker to control and steal data from Android devices by simply sending an infected multimedia message (MMS). What’s even worse is that users don’t need to open the message to be infected; MMS will automatically be downloaded to the device. Stagefright gives hackers access to data stored on the phone, including email, contacts, photos, camera and microphone. For more information and remediation guidance please visit the links below.


  • Install a mobile security app such as Lookout,  Avast, or Avira (many more available in the app market)
  • Disable MMS auto-fetching until a patch is released
  • Regularly check for updates with your carrier/manufacturer and install immediately (auto update feature doesn’t always work)

Additional information:

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