Business Leaders Get Serious About Security [Video]

How to manage data security solutions to effectively keep your organization out of harm’s way.

October 5, 2015 • Published by

New data sources presents serious security risks.

Big data. Predictive analytics. Data-driven decision making. Omni-channel customer experience. The pressure mounts on organizations large and small to harness all available data in response to remain competitive as well as meet increasing consumer expectations. 

Companies are innovating in every channel; however, integrating all of these new data sources presents serious security risks. Acknowledging this, many companies have elevated the issue of data security all the way to their Boards of Directors.

CEOs and key leadership want to and should understand their organizations’ up-to-the-minute threat profiles. Yet in many cases, companies have addressed these top-level concerns by cobbling together technology solutions that ultimately create as many security gaps as they counteract. What’s more, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hire people who understand and can manage these solutions to effectively keep the organization out of harm’s way.

Protecting your business from security risks.

How can your business select the appropriate security technologies and then retain a security expert to make it all work? Watch the video to learn more:

Stay on top of your security posture and out of the breach headlines.

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