Data Security: Should We All Just Throw in the Towel?

Lately it seems we’ve been operating in a world of “another week, another breach.”

October 20, 2014 • Published by

What does it take to truly be secure?

The constant bombardment of news featuring our favorite brands getting hacked typically creates one of two reactions: “Yeah, but I’m a little shop, so that can’t happen to me” or “I might as well not bother trying to prevent the inevitable.

But there is a third possible reaction that is too often overlooked: “I refuse to let some random criminal sabotage my business.

Now more than ever, it’s time to fight back. Here’s why:

  • Hackers and their automated tools are looking for low-hanging fruit among millions of Internet-connected businesses (including yours);
  • The vast majority of today’s breaches are the result of the same easily-remedied mistakes that have plagued businesses for years; and
  • Information security and privacy are considered a top priority, from the White House down to your customer’s house.

The bottom line is that security works best when it’s treated as a core business process, rather than an occasional, point-in-time activity. This means shoring up your IT defenses according to security best practices—many of which are easily implemented.

Need a good place to get started?

Check out ControlScan's white paper, "The Top 5 Security Best Practices for Small Merchants," for ways to jump start your security efforts.

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