Business Case for Managed Security Services [Video]

SMBs simply don’t have access to business critical security technologies and expertise.

February 8, 2016 • Published by

Managing security threats in today’s complex IT environment.

Recently I was speaking with an IT professional who told me: “I want to spend my time building our business, not defending it.” These days, though, there’s no getting around the need to allocate time and money to cyber security.

The problem is that most small and medium-sized businesses simply don’t have access to business critical security technologies and expertise. But ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away and in fact, doing so can be quite dangerous given today’s security threat landscape.

Enter Managed Security Services

Keeping an eye on security while building a business is no easy feat, so managed security services are designed to pick up where an organization’s in-house capabilities leave off. The managed security service provider (MSSP) functions as an external resource to the organization, giving the IT manager flexibility to choose the amount of internal time and resources dedicated to security-specific issues.

Here are just a few ways an MSSP can supplement internal IT processes:

  • Troubleshooting network connectivity issues;
  • Monitoring and updating security policies and user access;
  • Investigating, responding to, and reporting on security events;
  • Performing audits to meet compliance requirements;
  • Providing utilization reports for insights into company resource usage; and
  • Proactively monitoring the organization’s security posture.

At ControlScan, we’ve seen first-hand how the growing shortage of qualified security professionals and tight IT budgets are impacting SMBs’ ability to protect themselves from cybercrime. We’ve forged new technology partnerships and built up our team of experts to meet this need, because we think SMBs should have cost-effective access to the same tools and people that large enterprises have.

In our latest video, I describe how ControlScan transitioned to its current status as a trusted managed security service provider.

Watch the video to learn more and get to know our security operations team:

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