Why Payment Security Innovation is in Hyperdrive

Keeping data secure despite the challenges.

March 29, 2018 • Published by

In just a few short weeks, the ControlScan team will join our friends in the payments industry for the annual ETA TRANSACT conference. This conference brings together thousands of experts and practitioners around the topics of technology, innovation and best practices in payments.

Payment security innovation will be front and center in the TRANSACT discussions. In fact, the ETA has dedicated an entire educational track to risk, fraud and security technologies. “Better payment security” will be a focus of one of these sessions, and it’s sponsored by ControlScan.

Outpacing cybercriminals’ tools and techniques is tough work, and that’s why the payments industry is embracing payment security innovation. ControlScan Executive Chairman Tom Wimsett recently sat down with Jason Oxman, CEO of the ETA, to discuss the challenges facing acquirers, ISOs, processors and payment facilitators as they work to assist merchants with security and compliance.

Listen to the podcast recording to hear Tom’s insights on keeping payment data safe.