Yes, Phishing is Still a Big Problem

Educate your employees on how to spot and combat a phishing attack.

Are your employees under attack?

If you think your organization's employees have a grip on the social engineering tactic known as phishing, you may want to consider the following statistics.

Every day...

  • Nearly 16 million phishing emails make it through spam filters;
  • 50% (8 million) of the received phishing emails are opened;
  • 10% (800,000) of those who open a phishing email click at least one link inside it; and
  • 10% (80,000) of those who click a phishing email link provide their personal information.

(Source: The State of Phishing [Infographic])

Phishing remains a top organizational security vulnerability because it involves the exploitation of human weakness.

If you have humans at your workplace—and we all do!—then you are at risk.

Educate your employees on how to spot and combat a phishing attack - view our slideshare here:

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