Can you really protect your vital data in the fast-moving cloud? [Video]

December 3, 2015 • Published by

Businesses are wise to take advantage of the distributive nature of the cloud. Leveraging infrastructure as a service, IT professionals can now bring up a virtual environment in mere minutes to support their organization’s evolving data handling needs. And, service providers are constantly introducing newer and more powerful tools.

In the wake of all this excitement, it can be easy for companies to forget how all these changes affect their security and compliance profiles. Risk can be introduced even in what seems like an innocuous update.

Simply relying on the cloud service provider’s security measures is not enough. Most only manage security for the physical aspects of their own environment. As a cloud user, you are still responsible for protecting your (and your customers’) proprietary data as it flows through these virtual servers.

That’s where security-and-compliance-as-a-service comes in. Learn more about this emerging service model in my video conversation with Steve Robb:

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