Build Your Ransomware Defense Plan [Healthcare Webinar]

A solid defense shields healthcare organizations.

November 3, 2016 • Published by

Ransomware attacks plague healthcare.

Though all industries are at risk, healthcare is seeing a massive surge in ransomware attacks. Losing patient and customer loyalty by putting their personal information at risk is a downward spiral that is next to impossible to fully recover from. The costs break down across operational disruption, loss of reputation, and time and money offering remediation assistance to those impacted.

According to the DOJ, the number of ransomware attacks have quadrupled from just one year ago, averaging 4,000 a day. And while the typical ransomware payment ranges from $500 to $1,000, some cyber criminals have demanded as much as $30,000. It’s a lucrative business and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. 

Build a solid ransomware defense.

Security defenses are imperative to protect against attacks like ransomware. In our recent webinar, Don’t Get Taken Hostage by Ransomware: Prevent a Takeover with Log Monitoring, we discussed:

  • What ransomware is, what it does and what you should look for;
  • Why the ransomware threat is growing so quickly and why healthcare is particularly vulnerable; and
  • How a ransomware defense plan can shield your organization.

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