Securely Deploying the Latest Restaurant Tech

May 21, 2015 • Published by

In the quick serve and fast casual restaurant space, the technologies we choose to adopt are often driven by customer demand, the need to curtail the rising cost of doing business and the Internet of Things (IoT) explosion.

The following are three examples of technologies rapidly being implemented in the industry:

  • Energy Management
  • Loss Prevention/ Surveillance
  • Waste Management

While innovation in these areas is helping restaurant franchises cut costs and in some cases even create revenue opportunities, it is also opening up new security vulnerabilities. And in this business, the consequences of a data breach are significant, including brand damage that can impact an entire chain's profit.

If you work in a restaurant and/or franchise IT capacity, I encourage you to watch the webinar replay Deploying New Restaurant Technologies While Protecting Your Brand from Breach.

In our presentation, Jyothish Varma and I examine three popular technologies that franchise owners are deploying in their organizations to increase profits, and how those same technologies can create risky gaps in their security leaving them vulnerable to breach.