The Critical Security Challenges UTM Solves

October 26, 2014 • Published by

In today’s SMB organizations, IT managers have an overwhelming number of competing priorities. Strategic initiatives to improve the customer experience vie with mission-critical activities such as ensuring maximum operational uptime and efficiency, deploying system upgrades and updates, and executing new technology strategies aimed at building the business.

Yet cyber criminals don’t discriminate among those they target; businesses of all sizes are under a constant barrage of attacks from malware, Trojans and viruses. According to the SophosLabs 2014 Security Threat Report, malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated, botnets are extending their reach, and “the Internet of Things” has created a highly-connected environment where anything and everything can be hacked.

The ControlScan white paper, "5 Critical IT Challenges You Can Solve Today," discusses the core business problems IT managers face, their critical impact on security and compliance, and how MSSP-delivered Unified Threat Management (UTM) services effectively overcome them. IT managers and other business decision makers can utilize this information to support security strategies and partnerships that help their business stay one step ahead of the cyber criminal. Download the free white paper here.

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