Does Compliance Equal Security? [Video]

September 22, 2015 • Published by

Breaches are now commonly understood, because we hear about them every week in the news. Companies are starting to talk about them in board rooms, too—some to the point of mandating special committees and task forces to report on security threats to their organizational stability.

Change in the threat landscape is constant and it affects various compliance standards, such as PCI and HIPAA. The goal is to simplify them, but as time goes on they’re actually becoming more complex.

While compliance is a mandate and “security” is not, being compliant is no guarantee that your company is secure. This is a common misperception that many companies have! The reality is that you have to go far beyond the small scope of compliance to make sure your business and its sensitive data are secure.

In the following video, ControlScan CEO Joan Herbig and I share some thoughts on the important considerations your business should be making:

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