Will Your Malware Protection Deploy? Are You Sure?

Advanced endpoint security is a must in today’s threat environment.

February 19, 2017 • Published by

Antivirus can let you down when you most need it.

Your business relies on antivirus technology to keep the bad guys out, all the time and every time. But what if I told you that cybersecurity professionals have been noticing a downward trend in antivirus software effectiveness for a while now?

The fact is, malware has advanced to become more complex and automated, while the malware protection most businesses have come to rely on has not kept pace. These traditional, signature-based antivirus technologies are simply unable to identify the kinds of threats that are making the rounds today.

Businesses can no longer rely on antivirus alone to fully protect their endpoint assets against today’s advanced malware. Next-gen antivirus (NGAV) solutions provide detection and response capabilities for the incremental protection that’s now needed.

What’s next in malware protection for your business?

When you’re ready to make your next decision regarding antivirus technology, my advice is to be aware of the newer technology that exists, and how easily you can extend your protection with it.  Don’t just assume that your current vendor provides the best solution for your business model.

Having recently completed an exhaustive review of technology vendors, both in the Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) space and the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) space, I can attest that there is a LOT of change taking place related to endpoint protection.

“Endpoint as a Service” maximizes your security investment.

Until now, businesses with an existing investment in signature-based antivirus technology have had to adopt one or more secondary solutions to comprehensively address advanced threats. Of course that requires additional spending on infrastructure, as well as the expertise and manpower to manage the disconnected IT environment it creates.

As mentioned above, ControlScan—and I personally—just completed an extensive review of technology vendors to identify the best partner for our Advanced Endpoint Security Service. Our goal was to combine NGAV technology and the expertise of our security operations personnel so that our customers could cost-effectively cover all their malware protection bases.

This research resulted in ControlScan selecting Sophos next-gen technology, which focuses not just on malware protection, but also on detecting suspicious activity and integrating it with real-time threat information from around the globe. Click here to learn more about the ControlScan-Sophos partnership.

97% of surveyed IT organizations said ControlScan gives them greater access to top-tier technology than competing Managed Security Service Providers.

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Source: TechValidate survey of 67 users of ControlScan