Premier Seats Protects Site Against Hackers with ControlScan Web Application Firewall

ControlScan’s Web Application Firewall prevents access to unwanted visitors.

Combat sophisticated bots and hackers that prey on businesses.

ControlScan helps Premier Seats improve website speed and online experience.

Premier Seats uses ControlScan Managed Web Application Firewall ServicePremier Seats, an independent buyer and seller of premium and hard-to-find tickets for all concert, theatre and sporting events worldwide, reaches the majority of its customer base through its online ticket office at

As technology continues to advance, Premier Seats is constantly working to improve website speed and online experience as well as combat sophisticated bots and hackers that prey on small businesses. Premier Seats engaged ControlScan and its managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) service to better serve and protect its customers.

The Challenge: Keeping Hackers and Web Bots at Bay

Each day, thousands of people log on to Premier Seats’ website searching for tickets to sold out concerts or sporting events or to sell their own tickets to the company for resale. Because Premier Seats offers the option of browsing and purchasing tickets directly online, the business must provide a speedy and secure Web experience.

Seth Manin, IT specialist for Premier Seats, is fully aware of the importance of closely monitoring the security of the company’s website and staying up-to-date with the latest protection available. Hackers who successfully attacked Premier Seats’ website could potentially gain access to customers’ personal credit card information, resulting in a headache for customers and loss of business for Premier Seats.

“Having hackers break into our site could be absolutely devastating to the continued success of our business and our reputation among our customers,” said Manin. “If our customers were sent to a spoof site, that could result in 50 percent—or more—of our business going down in just one day.”

As technology continues to evolve, the number of people on the Internet working to specifically harm smaller businesses just like Premier Seats is skyrocketing. Having reliable, security measures in place is an absolute necessity for online companies to ensure the safety of their business and customers.

“Having hackers break into our site could be absolutely devastating to the continued success of our business and our reputation among our customers.”

The Solution: Managed Web Application Firewall Services

Manin and Premier Seats rely on ControlScan’s Web Application Firewall (WAF), which is powered by Level 1 PCI compliant service provider Incapsula. The WAF improves the security of websites and Web applications, while increasing performance and reducing internal bandwidth usage, regardless of whether a business’s website is hosted on a server by an Internet provider or another third party.

A key feature of ControlScan’s managed WAF service is the regular reporting that details Web attacks blocked by the firewall. The report also allows the company to view how many times the site was accessed by humans and search engines to determine the number of visits the site has received in a given time period.

“ControlScan’s Web Application Firewall offers us the level of protection we need to best prevent our customers and our business from falling victim to the thousands of hackers and bots on the Internet today,” said Manin. “Their ability to not only protect our site, but also send us detailed reports of what they were protecting us from, as well as when and how our bandwidth is being used, is key to feeling secure and maintaining protection.”

The Result: “Peace of Mind”

Since integrating the Web Application Firewall into their website, which Manin called “super easy,” Premier Seats has gained increased bandwidth, allowing them to upload pictures faster and incorporate higher quality graphics into their site—an enhancement to the overall professionalism of Premier Seats’ website.

“Our site is graphic-heavy, which is key to helping sell tickets to events, but can potentially be a bandwidth nightmare,” said
Manin. “ControlScan’s Web Application Firewall has improved the bandwidth of our site and, therefore, our customers’ experience. The more positive the experience, the more likely customers are to return, and the more likely our business will continue to grow.”

The detailed reports play an integral role in Premier Seats’ business, allowing the team to review statistics outlining the number
of humans and search engines viewing the site, as well as exact reports of hacking attempts blocked by the firewall.

“The peace of mind it brings to the business is worth every penny we spend,” said Manin. “I know our website is secure, and I can put my time and energy into other IT maintenance. The service has been impeccable, and the security is invaluable.”