Just Getting Started with PCI

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We make the complex simple.

Getting started with the PCI DSS can be overwhelming, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Let us help remove the burden by stepping you through the compliance process and showing you where you can secure your business, validate compliance, and save time, hassle and money over the long term.

When you’re just starting out with PCI compliance, the last thing you want to do is wade through hundreds of pages of rules and requirements. Our specialized services and PCI DSS experts will help you quickly identify and address your organization’s biggest security risks and their corresponding compliance gaps so you can successfully achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

PCI Gap Analysis

Our PCI Gap Analysis service is designed to give you a holistic view of your organization's current compliance state and the steps it's taking today to achieve compliance with the standard. With this valuable information in hand, it is much easier to identify any steps necessary to make your credit/debit card processing mechanisms (for example, e-commerce, Point-of-Sale [POS] terminals, call center activities, etc.) fully compliant.

PCI IT Risk Assessment

Organizations with multiple locations or more than 50 employees should consider a professional IT risk assessment as an important step in the PCI compliance process. Our consultants will work closely with you to identify the most critical assets and functional areas within your business, individually assessing each to discover security holes and weak spots tied to the payment card data your business accepts.

PCI 1-2-3 Self-Assessment

While PCI compliance is an ongoing business process, every organization is required to validate its compliance once a year. The self-validation process includes completion of a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ), reports of passing vulnerability scans, and other supporting documentation (based on SAQ type). Our PCI 1-2-3 program significantly simplifies the annual validation and reporting process with a suite of cloud-based solutions. It also includes access to our Breach Protection Program, which provides reimbursement for up to $100,000 in breach-related expenses and added peace of mind.

PCI Security Awareness Training

The easiest way for an attacker to gain access to your business network is through the weakest link—your employees. Social engineering exploits mistakes, missteps, and the general lack of awareness of your organization when it comes to protecting critical assets like customer data. The ControlScan Security Awareness Training (SAT) service provides an ongoing program of web-based instruction across the topics that are relevant to your operations. In addition, you’ll have the visibility and control you need to ensure that the program is being followed by all your employees on an ongoing basis.