PCI Active Management

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Let us become your compliance office.

Maintaining a strong security and compliance posture on a sustained basis is a major challenge for all but the largest organizations. Most organizations can barely muster the IT resources to assess their compliance once a year much less continuously. Compliance standards like the PCI DSS represent the baseline standard for the security necessary to protect sensitive data, and gaps in compliance—even temporary in nature—have resulted in large breaches with devastating impact.

ControlScan’s PCI Active Management enables organizations to overcome this challenge while keeping internal IT resources focused on efforts that build your business. The PCI Active Management engagement can be tailored to your specific needs, with the duration necessary to set a clear path to achieving and maintaining PCI compliance.

Bring on an expert in PCI compliance at a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated resource.

Expertise on staff and focus on compliance.

A ControlScan PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) is assigned as your go-to compliance officer and manages day-to-day compliance efforts. They’ll work onsite or offsite, ensuring that you meet your goals and then return as frequently as you need to ensure compliance is sustained. Engaging a ControlScan QSA to help you with compliance reduces your cost, keeps internal resources more focused, and allows you to tap into a deep well of experience gained from a broad array of client engagements and environments. The stronger base of experience creates further efficiencies as best practices and insights are brought to the table, driving creative approaches tailored to your specific environment.

If you believe that compliance—and the security measures it drives—is important to your organization, don’t make it an afterthought. Make compliance part of your business as usual by partnering with ControlScan.

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