Ready to Prove PCI Compliance

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Validate your compliance with confidence.

When you’re ready to validate compliance with the PCI DSS, we’ve got the PCI-approved people and tools you need to satisfy the requirements that are specific to your business.

Each of the card brands has a slightly different model for classifying merchant “levels” or “tiers”; however, the bank that holds your merchant account will ultimately determine your merchant level. Your business’s designation as a Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 will determine whether you can assess your own compliance or you are required to have a third-party conduct the assessment.

PCI QSA Assessment

There are a number of circumstances under which your organization may be required to undergo a formal assessment of its compliance to the PCI DSS. Under this type of assessment, a third-party PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) performs a detailed review of your organization's card data environment using a standard methodology and reporting format that results in a Report on Compliance (RoC).

PCI 1-2-3 Self Assessment

While PCI compliance is an ongoing business process, every organization is required to validate its compliance once a year. The self-validation process includes completion of a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ), reports of passing vulnerability scans, and other supporting documentation (based on SAQ type). Our PCI 1-2-3 program significantly simplifies the annual validation and reporting process with a suite of cloud-based solutions. It also includes access to our Breach Protection Program, which provides reimbursement for up to $100,000 in breach-related expenses and added peace of mind.