Cyber Risk Management Solutions for Private Equity Firms

Safeguarding your business's sensitive data.

Cyber criminals like PE firms. Here's why.

In recent years, cyber ciminals have recognized that business data, like consumer data, is valuable and vulnerable. Private equity (PE) firms possess an abundance of this sensitive information in the form of company, employee, and investor data. As a result, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting PE firms, as well as the numerous subsidiary portfolio companies they manage.

The cyber risks—and repercussions—are real.

Cyber criminals perpetrate attacks on PE firms by sending sophisticated spear phishing emails. Once inside the IT network, they can access bank account information and even insert themselves in the middle of investor fund flow transfers to siphon millions from accounts.

Cyber criminals also target PE portfolio companies, conducting ransomware attacks and bringing business operations to a halt by contaminating IT systems with encryption malware and demanding bitcoin payments to restore the systems. With leveraged balance sheets and short-term debt interest payments to make, PE portfolio companies are often left with no choice but to pay the ransom. To make matters worse, the business interruptions and related liabilities associated with a cyber breach can put downward pressure on PE portfolio company valuations and overall investment performance. It’s a no win situation for either party.

Cyber risk management involves sustaining a robust internal cybersecurity effort. The sheer significance and scope of this undertaking is often quite daunting.

Choose a partner whose program aligns with your cybersecurity goals.

Your firm needs a partner in cyber risk management, and that’s where ControlScan comes in. ControlScan is a leader in managed security solutions. Our elite cybersecurity professionals leverage the latest security technologies to support thousands of businesses with a single goal: Stopping cyber criminals in their tracks.

We make choosing a cyber risk management program easy, because we work with you to determine the solutions that best align with your goals.

  • PaySafe™ UTM Firewall Service: The ControlScan PaySafe UTM Firewall Service provides the best in
    threat detection and prevention while meeting the variety of network security and productivity challenges organizations may face. It provides isolation, security and redundancy for critical network traffic while protecting enterprise systems from external and internal breach.
  • Managed Detection and Response: This suite of services is performed by our dedicated, in-house team
    of security analysts located in our 24x7 security operations center (SOC).

    • Log and File Integrity Monitoring: Our team leverages ControlScan’s proprietary incident management platform to collect, correlate, analyze and store log data from your network infrastructure, servers and applications. We actively identify and mitigate security incidents round the clock, freeing up your resources and giving you peace of mind. Our activities are also organized to facilitate compliance with requirements within PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and other frameworks.
    • Endpoint Detection and Response: This fully managed solution is continuously monitored and provides active audit log reporting to help simplify compliance. The service includes traditional (signature-based) and next-generation (analytics-based) malware protection, with frequent updates and real-time lookup. Most importantly, the advanced endpoint protection we provide lessens your firm’s exposure to the significant financial risk a single malware attack can represent.
  • Security Consulting Services: If your firm is uncertain of its current cybersecurity posture or has recently suffered a data security breach, an IT security risk assessment or even a simple, dedicated security consultation can be a good place to start. A ControlScan information security expert will work with you and your firm to thoroughly evaluate strengths and weaknesses, then recommend a path that closes the open doors they’ve discovered.

“Our ControlScan partnership brings tremendous ROI and has protected us from active cyber security threats on numerous occasions.”

Robert Dunn, Managing Director at Thompson Street Capital Partners

We're with you every step of the way.

Today’s security threat landscape can be panic-inducing, especially when thinking about all the potential entry points and vulnerabilities a cyber criminal can exploit. But with ControlScan, you’re not alone. Partner with us for cyber risk management that delivers 24x7 peace of mind. We’ve got your back.

Let’s talk! Contact your ControlScan security representative to discuss your firm’s cyber risk management needs, or fill out the form below.

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