How to Launch an Effective Security Risk Management Program

Webinar • November 17, 2016 • Duration: 35 minutes

You can't manage your security risks if you don't know what they are.

Learn the step-by-step process for effective security risk management.

Security risk is an organizational challenge, reaching far beyond the IT team to involve stakeholders at every level and business function. Yet even today, many leaders struggle to engage the people, processes and technologies necessary to effectively manage the organization's security risk.

ControlScan Security & Compliance Specialist Todd Stephenson has seen the struggle first hand, having discussed security and compliance issues with organizations of every shape and size. Through his experience, Todd has identified the common barriers preventing the launch of an effective security risk management program.

Access this webinar replay and learn how to:

  • Identify and engage the appropriate people as risk management stakeholders;
  • Account for every possible threat and threat actor;
  • Address security and privacy compliance standards as part of the process; and
  • Ensure that your program will stand the test of time.

Webinar Speaker


Todd Stephenson, CISA
Security & Compliance Specialist


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