Managing Security Threats as Mobile, Cloud Supplant Traditional Infrastructure

A connected environment creates new points of vulnerability.

Webinar • January 27, 2016 • Duration: 57 Minutes

Discover how IT professionals are managing today's security threats.

Learn how to evaluate and align threat management efforts to meet the challenges of an evolving threat landscape.

Today's IT professional is faced with managing a traditional network infrastructure while executing strategies to take advantage of emerging technologies like cloud services, mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT) components.

This evolving, complex, connected environment creates new points of vulnerability, challenging IT leaders to invest in human and technological resources at a level that will effectively detect and prevent security threats.

In its all-new market study on the state of security threat management within small and medium-sized enterprises, ControlScan has found that:

  • 52 percent of in-house IT teams do not include an information security professional;
  • One-third will have the same security budget in 2016 that they had in 2014;
  • 62 percent feel their organization's security-related investments are not sufficient for their business's level of risk; and
  • Of these respondents, only 10 percent are fully confident that an intruder or malware isn’t already operating undetected within their network.

Webinar Speakers

Steve Robb
SVP, Product & Marketing

ControlScan Webinar Speaker

Cory Miller, CISSP, CISM
Director, Security Operations

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