PaySafe Connect

Simplify your PCI compliance with a cost-effective managed firewall service from
Merchant e-Solutions and ControlScan

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Your PCI compliance is about to get easier.

Merchant e-Solutions has partnered with ControlScan to help you achieve PCI compliance and better secure your business. In addition to our PCI program, you can now take advantage of our managed firewall service that’s uniquely designed for SAQ B-IP and C-VT merchants.

The PaySafe Connect Firewall service is a simple, cost-effective way to meet PCI firewall requirements while protecting your standalone payment terminals.

It’s easy to implement and maintain the PCI-compliant PaySafe Connect Firewall service…


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ControlScan helps install the firewall


You’re protected and compliant with
PCI DSS 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3

PaySafe Connect is Your Go-To Firewall Service.

PaySafe Connect

PaySafe Connect takes the headache out of maintaining your crucial first line of defense against malicious threats. The security experts at ControlScan ensure that your payment terminal network is well protected and in compliance with the PCI DSS.

Additionally, in the event of an Internet failure, the PaySafe Connect security appliance will automatically failover to cellular Internet backup, keeping payment transactions flowing. This protects your sales and eliminates the overall expense of individual manual transactions and/or chargebacks from unauthorized card acceptance.

PaySafe Connect:

  • Keeps payment transactions secure and terminals up-and-running;
  • Provides PCI DSS compliance for standalone payment terminals;
  • Applies security policies for both broadband and cellular connectivity;
  • Eliminates manual backup processes and lost sales; and
  • Reduces excess dial lines and slow connections.
  • Your payment terminals stay secure and up-and-running, and you can confidently check the box on PCI requirements 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3!

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*This is a value-added service brought to you through the Merchant e-Solutions/ControlScan partnership.
While you are under no obligation to purchase it, Merchant e-Solutions strongly recommends that you consider the benefits of PaySafe Connect, including how it can protect your business from a data breach.
Please contact your Merchant e-Solutions representative if you would like more information.