Mobile at the Point of Sale

Prevent cyber criminals from exploiting your mobile devices.

September 21, 2014

White Paper

The BYOD phenomenon introduces new security challenges.

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As businesses of all sizes work to keep in lock-step with consumer behavior and demand, mobile technology becomes increasingly influential, not only in overall business operations but also in individual employees' workplace tasks. The "BYOD" or Bring-Your-Own-Device phenomenon is blurring the lines between personal and business use, and this trend in itself introduces questions of information privacy and security.

In the ControlScan 2014 Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey, we surveyed thousands of businesses to measure various aspects of mobile technology usage and security awareness in the card-present payments environment. This white paper shares the results of our research.

Get important insights into mobile security at the point of sale.

White Paper - Mobile at the Point of Sale

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  • How mobile devices at the point of sale introduce new privacy and security concerns;
  • Which key business need is driving mobile adoption in the card-present payments environment; and
  • What ISOs, acquirers and other merchant service providers can do to raise security awareness among their mobile merchants.

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