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April 4, 2016Published by

The healthcare industry has become the focus of intentional, targeted attacks. The healthcare data security threat landscape, once characterized by insider carelessness and petty theft, has turned much darker. Healthcare IT professionals have found it difficult to keep up with the broadening attack vectors. It’s no surprise, given the depth and breadth of the typical […]


February 26, 2016Published by

Taking care to not disclose patient information is critical to the success of any healthcare organization. In this post and accompanying video clip, I discuss the security issues I commonly run across in the healthcare setting, as well as actionable tips for preventing their occurrence.


November 18, 2015Published by

Moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud enables a whole new level of connectedness for your organization and customers. Its accessibility and on-demand scalability make it an ideal platform for many evolving businesses. But, because it changes much of what we know about the traditional IT environment, there are some very real risks involved—even if hosting with a major service provider. Learn more about balancing the risk and reward of going to the cloud.


October 27, 2014Published by

ControlScan recently released a new report detailing its latest research findings on mobile technology adoption among SMBs. The report, Mobile at the Point of Sale: How SMBs are Adopting Mobile Devices to Accept Card-Present Payments, is based on input from more than 6,000 US-based SMBs responding to the company’s 2014 Mobile Payment Acceptance Survey.


October 24, 2014Published by

“Excuse me, do you have WiFi?” While you may find the increased frequency of that question irritating, there’s no denying it: Your customers crave connectivity. And if you don’t provide it today, they will go elsewhere tomorrow.

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