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February 4, 2015Published by

The rapid growth and infusion of the Internet of Things (IoT) in everyday life has correspondingly seeped into the workings of everyday business. Security cameras, energy management systems, digital menu boards, kiosks, LED light bulbs, thermostats, medical devices, etc., are examples of Internet-connected components that, when connected to a business network, become points of vulnerability (PoVs) and therefore must be securely managed.


December 2, 2014Published by

Last week, featured a great piece by Electronic Transactions Association CEO Jason Oxman. “A Cybersecurity Checklist for Online Retailers” lists important steps online startups and small businesses can take to protect sensitive data. As the U.S. migrates to EMV (i.e., chip cards), it is expected that fraud activity in the world of ecommerce will increase significantly.

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