P2PE for Retail

Learn how to leverage point-to-point encryption for reduced PCI scope.

May 19, 2020

White Paper

Terminal Encryption for Security and PCI Compliance: What Every Retailer Must Know about P2PE

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Few would think that retail merchants should have to be experts in data security. Even fewer would expect retail merchants to know the ins-and-outs of cryptography, key management, tamper detection and response, device chain-of-custody, and how the proper selection, implementation and use of encryption terminals impacts the environmental scope of their cardholder data environment and applicable security controls for their annual PCI DSS compliance assessment. *whew*

The goal of this P2PE for Retail white paper is to make sense of a very confusing concept called P2PE (or point-to-point encryption), or maybe your bank calls it E2EE (or end-to-end encryption). Either way, this document, authored by ControlScan's Sam Pfanstiel, will provide you with specific steps to make your transactions secure, your company safer, and your compliance assessment easier.

Who should read this white paper?

If you are a card-present and/or MOTO (mail order/telephone order) merchant of any size, this white paper is for you. Whether you are already using a terminal-based encryption solution, you’re considering options, or you think that encryption devices have little value, the information provided will give you a new perspective and knowledge about the various options available, and how each of them would affect your organization.

Download the P2PE for Retail white paper and you will learn:

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  • How terminal-based encryption fits into PCI compliance;
  • How to leverage P2PE for reduced PCI scope;
  • Which technologies are driving higher merchant PCI compliance rates; and
  • Where alternate approaches can be applied and how they may affect your security and compliance.

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