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Partner with the leader in security and compliance.

Protecting your merchants never felt so good.

Many SMB merchants have an ongoing, unfulfilled need for affordable, easily-managed solutions that help them secure sensitive data and comply with information security and privacy standards. If your business serves these merchants, they are likely looking to you for the people, processes and technologies to make this happen.

By partnering with ControlScan, your organization fulfills an important role in protecting the SMBs it serves. And when your customers benefit, you benefit:

  • Your business’ risk decreases as your merchants’ security postures increase;
  • Our internal experts and cloud-based tools extend your knowledge base and business reach; and
  • Current and potential customers are assured that your business cares about their security.

Acquirer and ISO partnerships.

A commitment to protecting the nation’s riskiest merchants has established ControlScan as the go-to partner for hundreds of ISOs and acquirers representing millions of SMBs. Payments industry stakeholders rely on us to provide insights, technologies and services that expose hidden risk while reducing complexity and stimulating secure behavior among the merchants they serve.

Franchisor and association partnerships.

Franchise organizations and membership-based associations operate within a unique, distributed enterprise business model. With multiple independently-operated locations, these organizations can find it difficult to effectively monitor and control security risk and compliance. By partnering with ControlScan, franchisors and associations can attain organization-wide visibility and uniformity.

Hosting service provider partnerships.

Businesses that provide cloud-based hosting services often process, transmit or even store sensitive data on behalf of their customers. And, like their customers, these businesses are responsible for maintaining secure, compliant technologies and processes. Hosting service providers partner with ControlScan to raise their own security posture as well as to offer security-related technologies and services to their customers.