Acquirer and ISO PCI Compliance Programs for Merchants

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Get your merchants PCI compliant, quickly and successfully.

No one said running a business is easy, and for many merchants, PCI compliance requirements—while essential to protecting payment card data—create an additional level of unwelcome complexity.

Our work with hundreds of thousands of merchants has identified the following core challenges:

  • Understanding and navigating the complex SAQ requirements, along with the PCI scanning process;
  • Implementing and continuously maintaining some of the more technically complicated security measures, such as log monitoring and firewalls; and
  • Having ready access to PCI experts who can answer compliance questions, resolve issues and respond to unexpected security-related events.

In a time when businesses and consumers alike are feeling increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime, actively helping your merchants quickly and successfully overcome PCI compliance challenges presents a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships and reduce risk.

The SecureEdge compliance platform has your back.

The all-new ControlScan SecureEdge platform provides a single point of access and interaction with the compliance validation tools and corresponding security services that protect businesses from cybercrime. SecureEdge is delivered through the cloud and is built from the ground up for flexibility, scalability and superior administrative control.

The SecureEdge platform guides merchants through each step of the PCI compliance process, providing a snapshot view of their compliance status and outlining next steps. Your logo and customized help text can also be integrated to reinforce your brand presence throughout the merchant experience.

SecureEdge includes all aspects of the PCI 1-2-3 compliance program, putting your merchants on the fastest, most simplified path to compliance:

  • SmartSAQ – Our interactive, cloud-based SAQ application features a contemporary user interface, intuitive question presentation and a multitude of support options from start to finish.
  • SmartScan – The easy-to-use vulnerability scanning dashboard facilitates scan setup and execution, runs robust reports detailing scan results, and intelligently prioritizes vulnerabilities by severity.
  • Knowledge Center – A comprehensive resource library provides a wealth of information to help your merchants understand their role in protecting sensitive data.

SecureEdge also powers the ControlScan SmartSolutions program, an innovative way to connect evolving PCI requirements with solutions that ensure authentic, validated compliance.

ControlScan currently serves 155+ Merchant Payment Service Providers, and their collective portfolios represent more than 1.7 million merchants.

Personalized outreach drives results.

While we think security and compliance all day, we understand that these topics are not typically top of mind for your merchants!

That's why we developed the SmartReach program—a proven strategy for helping merchants take charge of their business's security and compliance. SmartReach leverages people, process and technology to execute targeted communications that drive awareness and action across your portfolio.

Complete visibility reduces risk.

The SecureEdge partner dashboard enables you to effortlessly manage your merchant PCI compliance program using the same intuitive interface and powerful capabilities your merchants enjoy.

ControlScan PCI compliance program - SecureEdge partner dashboard

Identify, analyze and mitigate organizational risk while satisfying card brand requirements:

  • View the compliance status of your entire merchant portfolio at a glance, or take an in-depth look at each merchant’s state of compliance.
  • Monitor our SmartReach and support interactions with your merchants.
  • Generate a myriad of on-demand reports, including turnkey card brand reports.
  • Track your merchants’ usage of QIRs and other third party service providers.

ControlScan is your trusted PCI compliance program partner.

ControlScan has served as a security and compliance program partner to the payments industry since 2007. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of organizations like yours to become a leader in delivering comprehensive solutions to merchants’ PCI-related challenges.

Here are just a few of the benefits in choosing us for your PCI compliance program:

  • User-Friendly Technology: We design and build solutions that help merchants make sense of their PCI obligations and what they must do to meet them.
  • Security-as-a-Service: Managed security services provide easy access to innovative, best-of-breed security solutions that directly address specific PCI requirements.
  • Award-Winning Support: Our highly-trained team of support professionals provides a responsive, engaging customer experience that creates long-term success and loyalty.
  • Deep-Seated Expertise: Individually and as a collective, we possess a depth and breadth of security and compliance expertise that ranges from trained SAQ experts to ASV-certified scan support staff to QSAs.

As a ControlScan PCI compliance program partner, you’ll benefit from the insights we’ve gathered through years of experience. With millions of customer support interactions, completed SAQs and PCI vulnerability scans behind us, our intelligent Managed PCI Compliance Service puts your merchants on the path to authentic compliance while giving them a faster, easier PCI validation experience.

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