A partnership that positively influences merchant behavior.

Portfolio compliance rates increase while attrition decreases.

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Reduce business risk and reinforce merchant relationships.

If your organization provides merchant services, you know that no two merchants’ business models are exactly alike. This dynamic introduces a myriad of risks into the processes of approving, boarding and maintaining each customer.

While some amount of risk is to be expected and accounted for, too much risk across your merchant base can quickly impact your organization’s bottom line. Partner with ControlScan for the insights, technologies and services that expose hidden risk while reducing complexity and stimulating secure behavior among your merchant base.

SmartSolutions Partner Program

The SmartSolutions Partner Program is designed to drive security and compliance across your merchant base. A cloud-based, interactive portal gives your organization maximum visibility and reporting capabilities, while merchant-facing outreach and support technologies create awareness, build confidence and inspire action.


Our all-new SecureEdge platform gives your merchants online, on-demand access to the tools and support they need to simplify the analysis, remediation and validation phases of PCI compliance. Easy-to-understand updates walk the merchant through the process and keep them abreast of their status.


Our results-oriented SmartReach program leverages people, process and technology to drive merchant awareness and engagement with the PCI compliance process and the security best practices it represents. Your SmartReach campaign can include outbound calling, direct mail and emails that are automatically triggered by individual merchant behavior.

Partner Dashboard

The ControlScan Partner Dashboard is designed to help you quickly identify, analyze and mitigate risk within your merchant portfolio. This easy-to-use online tool enables you to efficiently manage your program, monitor the compliance status of your entire portfolio, issue reports and more.

ControlScan has flexible programs designed to offer you a combination of PCI solutions and security services that are right for your business model.

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Hosted Payment Solution

As the online commerce environment continues to evolve, e-merchants need a solution that protects and secures all forms of online transactions—while ensuring a seamless experience for the digital consumer. The ControlScan Hosted Payment Solution (HPS) provides a front end card data collection point that securely delivers each online payment transaction to your gateway for processing.

Along with the benefits of secure, frictionless e-commerce, HPS simplifies merchants’ PCI compliance process by removing all sensitive card data from the merchant’s environment. The solution connects directly to your gateway and can be white-labeled under your brand, allowing you to offer your e-merchants the latest technology seamlessly.

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