SmartSolutions Partner Program for Acquirers and ISOs

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Real-world security solutions for everyday compliance challenges.

Complying with the PCI DSS is critical to the protection of customer cardholder data, but the standard’s complexity can cause merchants to overlook the security intent driving each requirement. When this happens, boxes get checked yet they remain at risk.

Successful merchant PCI compliance is authentic; it’s more than simply paying a monthly fee or “checking boxes” once a year. The path to authentic compliance creates a more secure environment, as well as an ongoing state of security awareness, within the merchant’s business.

The ControlScan SmartSolutions Partner Program supports and promotes authentic compliance through an innovative program that connects real-world security solutions with merchants’ everyday compliance challenges.

The SmartSolutions Program is orchestrated by you, powered by ControlScan.

Powered by our SecureEdge platform and orchestrated by you, SmartSolutions intelligently guides your merchants through their annual SmartSAQ completion with custom prompts that present relevant security solutions in the context of the specific question being answered. SmartSolutions also fully supports your branding, to eliminate confusion and reinforce the customer relationship.

You control what the merchant sees, so that it is specific to their processing environment and the PCI requirements they must satisfy.

With SmartSolutions, you have the means to leverage your offerings, such as firewalls, P2PE solutions, payment gateways, etc., alongside ControlScan technologies and services. By presenting and promoting PCI compliance solutions right at the point of the SAQ question, you empower your merchants to solve their PCI challenges on the spot.

You become a trusted source for the tools and services that enable secure, compliant payment acceptance.

The SmartSolutions Program delivers high-impact results for your organization:

  • Reduced portfolio risk due to more instances of authentic compliance;
  • Increased merchant satisfaction and decreased portfolio churn;
  • Reinforced brand presence throughout the merchant experience;
  • Strengthened support of your organization’s technology; and
  • Added revenue-generation strategies.

How does SmartSolutions work?

One of the first things a merchant does upon entering SmartSAQ is indicate how they process payment card data. If your organization offers specific processing solutions, you can show those solutions here, making it easy for the merchant to recognize and select the solution they’re using. If they don’t have one of your solutions, they can read about it and click on a live link to get more information or purchase it.

When a merchant is answering SAQ questions that relate to a solution you’d like to offer them—whether it’s one of your own or one from ControlScan—they see a window that gives them the opportunity to inquire about that solution. Most merchants who use these links to make inquiries end up purchasing the suggested solution.

The SecureEdge platform also gives your merchants a holistic view of the solutions offered by your organization and/or ControlScan. As the merchant’s payment service provider, you have the advantage of selecting which of your solutions and which of our solutions you would like to promote. By offering a full suite of processing, security and compliance tools to your merchants in a single, easy-access location, you become a trusted source for the tools and services that enable secure, compliant payment acceptance.

Build long-term value and stickiness into your merchant relationships.

SmartSolutions gives your business a strategic advantage through its ability to offer tools and services that simplify compliance while helping manage the more complex aspects of security like network monitoring and firewall administration. Managed Security Services like these naturally complement your PCI program and introduce new revenue streams for your business.

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