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Drive multi-location security and compliance.

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Reduce breach risk and protect your brand image.

Franchise organizations and membership-based associations operate within a unique, distributed enterprise business model. With multiple independently-operated locations, these organizations can find it difficult to effectively monitor and control security risk and compliance throughout their business network.

In the distributed enterprise, establishing a workable, enforceable standard for organization-wide security and compliance is business critical:

  • Independent locations are often too small to justify their own IT staff, leaving them without access to the appropriate level of security support and expertise;
  • Each location has its own infrastructure and systems for carrying out business, and that infrastructure is growing in complexity as more and more devices, sensors and monitors are deployed and network-connected;
  • The greater the number of people and locations, the more points of potential failure from the human element, volume of transactions, and the various internet-connected components within the organizational network; and
  • There is potential for a “domino effect,” where attackers who compromise a single location exploit the same vulnerabilities across others in the chain. The corporate brand experiences significant damage when this occurs.

By partnering with ControlScan, your franchise business or association can attain organization-wide visibility and uniformity. Our expertise in both small business and distributed enterprise makes us the ideal partner for guiding individual locations through the daunting task of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance and a secure network. In addition, you can rely on our people, processes and technology to provide the comprehensive support you need at the organizational level.

The Smart Solutions Partner Program: Tools that simplify.

The SmartSolutions Partner Program is designed to drive security and compliance across your organization, one location at a time. A cloud-based, interactive portal gives you maximum visibility and reporting capabilities, while dedicated outreach and support technologies create awareness, build confidence and inspire action with independent operators.


Our all-new SecureEdge platform gives your franchisees online, on-demand access to the tools and support they need to simplify the analysis, remediation and validation phases of PCI compliance. Easy-to-understand updates walk independent operators through the process and keep them abreast of their status.


Our results-oriented SmartReach program leverages people, process and technology to drive awareness and engagement with the PCI compliance process. Your SmartReach campaign can include outbound calling, direct mail and emails that are automatically triggered by individual behavior.

Partner Dashboard

The ControlScan Partner Dashboard is designed to help you quickly identify, analyze and mitigate risk within your organization. This easy-to-use online tool enables you to efficiently manage your program, monitor the compliance status of individual locations, issue reports and more.

ControlScan has flexible programs designed to offer you a combination of PCI solutions and security services that are right for your business model.

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