SmartSolutions Partner Program for Franchisors

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Smart tools to simplify the security and compliance process for franchisees.

Our SmartSolutions partner program delivers a flexible set of technologies and services to meet your organization’s security and compliance objectives. You build the program that best suits your business and we execute—all while providing you the ability to easily track and manage security and compliance-related activity at each of your business locations.

SmartSolutions represents a true partnership between the experts at ControlScan and your business, forging relationships and dialogue that protects your organization, its customers and its brand. And, because being secure and compliant isn’t a one-time event for any business, we supply education, information and updates on a continuous basis.

SecureEdge: Facilitating a positive, simplified PCI compliance experience.

When you partner with ControlScan, each of your business locations will have access to SecureEdge, our comprehensive PCI compliance platform that is designed to assist merchants throughout the process.

The SecureEdge platform guides your franchisees and independent operators through each step of the PCI compliance process, providing a snapshot view of their compliance status and outlining the actionable steps they must take in order to achieve PCI compliance. To further simplify the PCI compliance process, we give you the opportunity to co-brand the platform with your organization’s logo and customized help text to provide a personalized experience for your franchisees and independent operators.

The SecureEdge platform provides real-time information, industry-leading tools and the support necessary to analyze, remediate and validate PCI compliance. It houses:

  • ControlScan SmartSAQ – An interactive, cloud-based SAQ application that makes achieving compliance with the PCI DSS simpler than ever before.
  • Vulnerability Scanning Dashboard – An easy-to-use tool containing reports that detail scan results and prioritize vulnerabilities by severity.
  • Educational Materials – A resource library containing a wealth of information for staying on top of current data security and compliance requirements.

ControlScan PCI 1-2-3

We not only provide the right tools to achieve PCI compliance, but additional tools to help you create a stronger and more consistent security posture across the entire organization.

SmartSolutions represents a true partnership between the experts at ControlScan and your business.

SmartReach:  Communicating to engage, maximize awareness and stimulate action.

We work with small business owners and franchisees every day, and we know that data security and compliance are rarely top-of-mind for them—running their business is! However, it’s extremely important for these businesses to be secure and prove compliance with the PCI DSS.

That is why we developed our ControlScan SmartReach program—a proven strategy to drive engagement with security and compliance across your entire organization. SmartReach leverages people, process and technology to execute highly-effective campaigns. Each program is customized and includes multi-touch processes such as statement inserts, direct mail, website content, outbound calling and emails (which are automatically triggered by merchant behavior).

Every step of the way, we are there to assist each location, acting as an extension of your team to help make the process of achieving and maintaining compliance simple.

Partner Dashboard:  Putting organizational PCI compliance at your fingertips.

The ControlScan Partner Dashboard is an easy-to-use, cloud-based tool for comprehensively managing your PCI compliance program; monitoring compliance activities; and identifying, analyzing and mitigating organizational risk.

The Partner Dashboard makes it easy to view the compliance status of your entire organization at a glance, while a straightforward, on-demand reporting system gives you in-depth access to each location’s state of compliance. This detailed information can be used to conduct a comprehensive analysis or to send targeted merchant outreach programs, such as education initiatives, communications or promotions, to encourage franchisees to achieve and attest to being PCI compliant.

This highly visual, powerful tool enables you to:

  • Effortlessly enroll individual locations through our integrated API or online boarding form;
  • View your organization’s state of compliance holistically or organize the data in a way that fits how you do business (i.e., in aggregate or by various divisions such as geography or business channels);
  • Give multi-unit franchisees visibility into the compliance status of their respective locations;
  • Monitor our interactions with your franchisees, such as physical mail, support interactions and how each location is progressing throughout the PCI compliance lifecycle; and
  • Generate a myriad of on-demand reports so you can easily adhere to PCI compliance reporting requirements.