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Reduce business risk and reinforce client relationships.

Does your business store, process or transmit cardholder data on behalf of another entity (e.g., a merchant)? What about providing services that control or could impact the security of cardholder data, such as web development, managed firewalls or data hosting?

If any part of the above description sounds like your business, it’s likely you are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). That’s because your business is functioning as a service provider to other businesses, where one or more of the services you provide either directly or indirectly touches sensitive payment card information.

The big picture of the PCI DSS and your business.

Not all organizations recognize their active role as a service provider, and this lack of awareness puts their business—and their customers’ businesses—at risk. Therefore, acknowledging any and all service provider components will enable you to take a holistic view of your scope of compliance with the PCI DSS.

ControlScan will partner with you to simplify your business’s PCI compliance process, and at the same time, make the process easier for the merchants your business serves:

  • Your business will have important safeguards in place to protect the payment data it handles from hackers and data thieves;
  • Your customers will not have to include your facility within the scope of their own PCI DSS assessment; and
  • Our depth and breadth of security and compliance services will complement your organization’s capabilities to expand its value proposition.

Most importantly, partnering with ControlScan for security and compliance will reduce your business risk and generate additional trust, rewarding your business with opportunities to take on larger, more sophisticated clients.

SmartSolutions Partner Program

The SmartSolutions Partner Program is designed to drive security and compliance across your organization, one location at a time. A cloud-based, interactive portal gives you maximum visibility and reporting capabilities, while dedicated outreach and support technologies create awareness, build confidence and inspire action with independent operators.


Our all-new SecureEdge platform gives your business and those it serves online, on-demand access to the tools and support necessary to simplify the analysis, remediation and validation phases of PCI compliance. Easy-to-understand updates guide users through the process and keep them abreast of their status.


Our results-oriented SmartReach program leverages people, process and technology to drive awareness and engagement with the PCI compliance process. Your SmartReach campaign can include outbound calling, direct mail and emails that are automatically triggered by individual behavior.

Partner Dashboard

The ControlScan Partner Dashboard is designed to help you quickly identify, analyze and mitigate security risk within your organization. This easy-to-use online tool enables you to efficiently manage your program, monitor the compliance status of clients, issue reports and more.

ControlScan has flexible programs designed to offer you a combination of PCI solutions and security services that are right for your business model.

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