PCI SAQ 3.2 Debrief: E-Commerce Edition

Learn how PCI SAQ 3.2 e-commerce changes could impact your online store.

Webinar • June 2, 2016 • Duration: 10 Minutes

Prepare Your Online Business for PCI 3.2.

PCI SAQ 3.2 E-Commerce Debrief

The PCI v3.2 Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) become the new standard in October, 2016. While 3.2 represents an incremental release of the PCI DSS, this latest version does reflect an important business reality in e-commerce: There are secure ways—and there are highly risky ways—in which to implement your site's e-commerce functionality.  

In this short, 10-minute webinar, PCI DSS expert Tim Thomas explains:

  • The incremental e-commerce SAQ changes that began with PCI DSS 3.0;
  • Why the Security Standards Council (SSC) is making life more difficult for those subject to SAQ A-EP; and
  • Which e-commerce implementations can significantly reduce your online business's PCI compliance burden.

If your online business conducts its annual PCI self-assessment at the end of the year, or if you already conducted your 2016 assessment using SAQ A-EP, then this webinar is a must-watch! Access now using the form to the right.

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