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ProTect Internal Scanning

Conduct a vulnerability scan and find the risks in your internal network.

Most small business owners focus their time and money on addressing security threats at the perimeter, but few pay attention to protecting their internal network. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirement 11.2 requires business owners with systems that process card data to conduct a vulnerability scan of their internal environment on a quarterly basis. This helps to identify weaknesses in the network behind their firewall.

ControlScan's ProTect Internal Scanning is the only true Web-based internal vulnerability scanning service. ProTect Internal Scanning does not require additional software or hardware and delivers powerful, enterprise class security technology from the cloud to identify real and potential vulnerabilities within your internal network. The simple, Web-based interface is easy to operate, and the reports clearly describe any detected vulnerabilities, providing you with easy-to-understand remediation directions.

Strong security equals peace of mind.

Designed with security as the top priority, ProTect Internal Scanning encrypts and segregates your scanning data to ensure confidentiality.

  • All internal vulnerability scanning connections are secure and utilize SSL encryptions and Symantec certificates.
  • No additional hardware or software is required, so there's nothing extra to manage or secure.
  • ControlScan's team of security experts is available to help you understand the network vulnerability scan results.

In addition, ProTect Internal Scanning satisfies PCI DSS requirement 11.2, making it even easier for you to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

For more information about ProTect Internal Scanning, or to schedule a vulnerability scan consultation, please call us at 800-825-3301 x 2 or click here to fill out a request form. A ControlScan representative will contact you within the next business day.

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