Deploying New Restaurant Technologies While Protecting Your Brand From a Data Breach.

Learn how to deploy new technology to prevent data breaches.

Webinar • June 15, 2015 • Duration: 57 Minutes

Reduce risk and protect your brand.

A single hacked location damages the entire brand.

Evolving consumer trends and rising costs dictate the technological necessities that quick serve and fast casual restaurant franchises must adopt to remain competitive.

While innovation is creating revenue opportunities, it is also leaving franchises more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime.

In an age where consumers are all connected and information travels in the blink of an eye, a breach doesn’t just hurt the single hacked location, it damages the entire brand.

During this webinar, ControlScan's security experts examine:

  • The three new popular technologies franchise owners are deploying in their organizations to increase profits;
  • How those same technologies can create risky security gaps, leaving franchise owners vulnerable to breach; and
  • The steps franchise owners can take to assess and mitigate overall franchise risk today.

Webinar Speakers

Jonpaul Leskie, Ph.D.

Jonpaul Leskie, Ph.D.
Global Business, IT
Security Consultant
QSR Franchisee


Tim Thomas
Sr. Director
Product Management


"JV" Varma
Sr. Director
Product Strategy

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