Top 5 IT Security Lessons from the White House Breach

What does your business have in common with the White House?

Webinar • December 3, 2014 • Duration: 46 Minutes

Discover why even the most elaborate security plans can fail.

Download this webinar for an in-depth look into the 2014 White House breach.

In light of the White House breach that shocked the nation, this webinar reviews the Secret Service failures that allowed for a single man to physically breach the most secure building in the country.

During this webinar, ControlScan's security experts:

  • Reveal the common vulnerabilities that exist in modern day IT infrastructures;
  • Review how these vulnerabilities can be exploited by cyber criminals to gain access to your network; and
  • Learn the steps you can take now to defend your business and customers from a potential data breach.

Webinar Speakers:

Steve Robb
SVP, Product & Marketing
Jyothish "JV" Varma
Sr. Director, Security Product Strategy

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