3 Big Reasons Not to Ignore Your Security Logs

Spot active attacks, then stop the cyber criminals in their tracks.

Learn Why Security Log Monitoring is Critical.

The ControlScan 2016 State of Security Threat Management Survey discovered that a vast majority of in-house IT professionals aren't confident that their security technologies and processes have stopped malware from accessing their networks. In fact, 74% of survey respondents felt it was possible that intruders or malware could currently be operating undetected within their networks.

Organizations that do not actively manage and monitor their security logs are much more likely to overlook an active breach for months or even years. In other words, your security logs see the bad guys first, making them extremely useful for early threat detection.  

Ignorance is NOT bliss.

When it comes to your security logs, ignorance is not bliss! View the infographic below to learn why security log monitoring and management is critical to your business, then share this knowledge with others in your workplace and beyond.


Log Monitoring Infographic